What I Can Expect

You can expect a professional and timely response to the referral that has been sent through from SupportNet.

You would receive a phone call to make an appropriate time and place to meet.

An introduction pack will be given to you and some more information will be requested from you.

The Manager will ensure the expectations and goals are built into the support plan that is put around the person.

You can be assured the best possible staff person for your particular needs to be selected and you will have an opportunity to give your opinion if you would like the person working for you.

As a staff person what training would I receive?

There would be the expectation that you would have a current first aid certificate, and full drivers license. The following training would be given depending on the area you would be working in and the number of hours you work.

Induction training (2 days) Orientation training on the job.

Career force Foundation Level 2

Other training pertaining to the people you are working with. We are currently restructuring our training.

As a staff person what hours am I expected work on a roster?

This would be discussed with you at the time of  your employment and we would try to meet your needs and the needs of the clients you would be working with.

What is Lifestyle choices Mission ?

  1. To lead the way in disability by being creative, flexible and responsive.
  2. To collaborate with clients, families and staff in a supportive environment to enhance the lives of every person within Lifestyle Choices.
  3. To facilitate growth, empowerment, development and education through a holistic approach Mind, Body, Spirit, and
  4. To ensure continuous improvement through sound business practices.

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Making the right choice

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