How can I help someone who has a disability?

What should I do if the person is not receiving any support?

Ask the person or family member it they would like to have support.
If yes get them to go to their GP to request support.

What if I think the person with the disability is being abused in some way.?

If possible talk to someone who is aware of the situation.
If you are still concerned contact the police to make your concerns known.

What should I do if I believe the person with a disability is being exploited in any way?

Get in touch with Voice Advocacy to make your concerns known.

How do I find out more about different types of disabilities?

Look up on the web site, or phone book where the local branches are for these disabilities and make contact for more information.
Contact a local provider who can direct you to the correct agency.

What should I do if I think some is being abused in some way by a provider?

Ask to talk to a person in responsibility to discuss concerns.
If your concerns are not relieved contact another advocacy group or make a formal complaint in writing about your concerns.

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