Supported Independent Living

LSC’S Responsibilities

Supported Living

In a supported independent living environment, Lifestyle Choices are responsible for:

  • providing competent staff to meet individual needs

  • providing administrative support to support workers

  • assisting the person to find and establish an appropriate living arrangement

  • assisting people to independently manage their money. The staff will not have access to persons’ bank accounts nor manage their money, unless expressly requested or agreed to by the service user. Staff may advise and support persons’ in their budgeting and purchasing

  • ensuring people take responsibility for domestic work such as laundry, cooking, cleaning, and developing skills and their level of self-reliance

  • ensuring people are preparing adequate meals that meet generally accepted principles of good nutrition and cater to his or her needs

  • clients are made aware of fire and emergency practices

  • ensuring respect for the clients right of privacy

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