Residential Support

RESIDENTIAL Support Services (RSS)

This contract held by Lifestyle Choices provides community residential services for people with an intellectual disability aged 18 years and over who have been assessed through the Needs Assessment Service Co-ordination Service (NASC) , with 24-hour support at the level necessary for people to have a safe and satisfying home life. 

LSC’s responsibilities are to provide:

  • a comfortable, accessible, and well-maintained home and grounds for you to live in,

  • all communal furnishings, and

  • all services (power, meals, phone, laundry etc)

Fees Payable

The Ministry of Health contract provides for the total cost of the service less the client contribution made through Work and Income (WINZ).

If you are on a benefit (which in most cases is an Invalids benefit), the WINZ contribution is approximately 80% of the benefit and is paid directly to LSC.

If you work part time or have a private income, any WINZ benefits may be reduced and LSC may request a personal contribution from you to make up the shortfall this creates to complete the funding package.

Personal Finances

The remaining 20% (approximately) of the benefit is paid from WINZ as an allowance to you. This is used to pay all personal costs. These may include but are not limited to:

  • Clothing and personal toiletries, other than ordinary household supplies.
  • Telephone call charges for toll calls made
  • Services such as community dentists, opticians, hairdressers and solicitors. If the cost of these services fall beyond the your ability to pay, LSC will advocate or negotiate with Work and Income for access to special grants or funds you may be entitled to as part of your Invalids/Sickness Benefit
  • Transport costs to family/whanau/guardian visits outside your local community
  • Part user charges for pharmaceuticals and medical costs e.g GP/Medical Specialists

LSC will provide assitance with budgeting and managing your spending if you require help. All records will be kept on file in LSC’s office.

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