Lifestyle choices is now a part of community living (click for info)

supporting people with disabilities
& their families

Lifestyle Choices provides a flexible, creative and responsive service delivery to people with disabilities and their families – providing them with choices and meaningful lifestyles.

Lifestyle Choices wants to see people excel with their relationships with others. This helps them to connect with those people they are close to, and have a sense of belonging.

Lifestyle Choices promotes independence through support and mentoring to help them reach their dreams and aspirations.

Supporting people in every area of their lives is very important to Lifestyle Choices as well. This is by giving support to them in their









It is also important to Lifestyle Choices that a person lives a balanced lifestyle ensuring they keep their minds stimulated, their bodies healthy and are encouraged in their Spiritual life.

Supporting people through the challenges and hurdles in life is something we excel in as well. It is our desire that the life we support you in has the expected outcomes and desires that you want and deserve.

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